Ecco gli enti che hanno formalizzato il loro appoggio al progetto RESET

Università degli Studi di Trento. Department of Economics an Management

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(..) E’ emersa la possibilità di collaborazione tra il Liceo Filzi e il Dipartimento avviando una tesi magistrale sul crowdfunding scolastico (..) concentrando l’analisi sulle possibilità di recupero dei finanziamenti necessari per effettuare il viaggio di esplorazione alle isole Svalbard.

La collaborazione tra le due istituzioni rappresenta una prima occasione di dialogo e reciproco arricchimento nello scambio di esperienze (..)

APECS – Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

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(..) The years of preparation for the trip, in terms of both fundraising and learning about polar environments, are work that should be encouraged and supported in any way possible. APECS recognizes the power of early exposure to scientific research and the polar regions in particular in inspiring students to pursue further education and careers in polar science.

As a legacy of the International Polar Year ourselves, we recognize that RESEt’s approach, a model developed for IPY, is a recognized way of getting young people excited about and interested in polar science. That high school students will have this opportunity is even better – students will visit research stations in Svalbard shortly before starting to make decisions that will guide their careers (hopefully towards polar science).

APECS strives to foster future generations of polar researchers, and RESEt is a project very much in line with that mission. We appreciate the focus that the students’ put on sharing their experiences through videos and other means, recognizing the importance of outreach that comes with polar science. (..)

PEI – Polar Educators International

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(..) RESET project is an innovative educational project of scientific investigation and exploration of the Arctic region. It is an excellent opportunity to continue to implement PEI’s mission and goals and it promotes learning more about climate change topics. We strongly believe that this project will have an impact on science and polar education. (..)

We support RESEt as it seeks to improve the knowledge, self-confidence and sense of initiative of young women and men in science. This project will help students carry out an original scientific study of their own focused on the complexity of the Earth system using a comparative method with local (alpine) and on a global scale (arctic) (..)